For discolored, veneers are used for giving cosmetic appearances and the perfect smile, hence they are available in a numerous varieties and your Liverpool dentist can suggest which ones will suit you perfectly.  

The popularity of Veneers is due to their long lasting strength and durability as compared to composites. Much better than dental composite veneers are porcelain veneers which are highly resistant to staining and are closer to the natural tooth in terms of its appearance.

The procedure to fit a veneer takes approximately two dental visits. These two visits involve impression taking of the prepared tooth as the first stage of the procedure and fitting it into place as the second and final stage. CEREC technology uses in-house studios equipped with CAD/CAM which facilitates the Liverpool dentists to fabricate the ceramic veneers on site within the same hour and visit.

If you want the picture perfect smile, then your Liverpool dentist can get you the best quality Da Vinci veneers are fabricated in a laboratory that officially approves Da Vinci veneers. These Da Vinci veneers are of top quality shown on the extreme makeover shows aired on TV and are from California USA.

If you want to avoid having your teeth ground as far as possible, then lumineers are the solutions your Liverpool dentist can offer. These are manufactured to be extremely thin using a material called patented Cerinate ceramic and are close to contact lenses in terms of their thinness. This quality makes lumineers less intrusive and quicker to fit than their traditional counterpart veneers.

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