For good dental and oral health, tongue cleansing is as important as brushing your teeth.
Cleaning the tongue on regular basis is proven by scientific research to help control bacteria from being produced.
Bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis and plaque are all concentrated and produced at the back part of the tongue. Hence it is important that to eliminate the chances of their growth, the entire mouth including the back region of the tongue are thoroughly cleaned. For ideal oral hygiene and to eliminate this plaque producing micro organisms tongue cleanser can perform a good cleaning of your mouth if it used in combination with floss and a toothbrush.

* It is commonly seen that 9 out of 10 people have bad breath problems in certain circumstances.

* Whatever occurs in the mouth is a 90% contributor to bad breath

  • the back region of the tongue is 80% responsible for causing bad breath

* If you want to have a fresh breath, clean mouth and healthy oral life, then tongue cleansing is the primary thing to do as all unhealthy bacteria are eradicated from the tongue grooves and surface.

* Compared to brushing your tongue with a brush, a tongue cleaner can perform the cleansing action 7 times better.

  • When brushing your teeth is complimented with tongue cleansing then it is 31/2 times more effective in eliminating foul breath than merely brushing.

Tongue Detox cleanses the tongue perfectly as it is specifically designed for this performance. This is designed ergonomically for efficient functioning as it is extremely light weight and made from supple plastic with a double handle. It has a mint aroma and has a minimal gag effect. It functions as a user friendly dead cell and plaque bacteria removal gadget. The efficiency of tongue Detox includes removing the brown gelatinous coating on the tongue which is a contributor to bad breath.

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