For teeth to appear whiter, a procedure called teeth whitening is performed. This bleaching process eradicates the stains from teeth which, as a result, enhance the white color of your teeth. For teeth that have stubborn and hard to remove stains, your Liverpool dental hygienist can give you prominent whitening results by  a simple treatment such as scaling or polishing

Majority of the dental practices carried out in Liverpool provide you combinations of teeth whitening kits that you can take home for use and which have custom made trays in them, or laser treatments that have immediate results. These two procedures carried out to give you the glowing white teeth you desire use a peroxide of varying strength of around 3-50% during the bleaching process. The compound would be more effective and powerful if the percentage of its peroxide concentration is increased.

However the strength of the compound would also increase the chances of damaging the gum tissue surrounding the vicinity where it is applied. In order to eliminate such dangers to your sensitive gums, your Liverpool teeth whitening dentists cover the gum area with a shield before the procedure is carried out. Whitening kits that are offered to take home have a lower peroxide concentration in the compound for this reason.

Laser tooth whitening procedures that most of your Liverpool dental hygienists offer has immediate results and prominent whitening effects in comparison to take home whitening kits which take much longer to give long lasting results.

Amongst the numerous options of brands that are available as Liverpool teeth whitening systems, the most famous one featured on BrightSmile, Opalescence and extreme makeover is Zoom! When a Liverpool dentist carries out a scale or polish, he cleans the teeth and eradicates tartar and stains before he performs the actual whitening procedure.

In the following step the Liverpool dentist records the actual shade of the teeth prior to the whitening procedure for the patient to judge the difference of before and after. The Liverpool dentist may record this by either taking a photograph or by using a tooth color shade chart. A shield is then placed over the gums for protection which ensures that the bleaching compound that contains high peroxide concentrations (15-50%) compound only touches the teeth. This shield can be either made from rolls of cotton that cover the gums or a gel like substance that solidifies as it is applied to the area that needs protection.

The Liverpool dentist will also use a retractor that works to keep the lips open and cheeks away from the teeth so that the compound doesn’t touch them and the procedure can be conducted with ease. For the eyes the Liverpool dentist ensures to use protective caps or coverings to prevent any harm to the eyes caused through peroxide splashes or from the laser. Now even more comfort is offered by several cosmetic practices which offer DVD glasses so that the patient can watch a movie during the whitening procedure and enjoy the process!

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