A root canal treatment RCT or endodontics is a procedure which becomes compulsory incases where the nerve supply or the blood supply has a decay or injury leading to an infection. In order to prevent the need of removing the tooth due to infection of the pulp or blood supply, a RTC is conducted to avoid its spread into the root canal. If an RCT is not conducted it may cause abscess to accumulate.

The objective of this root canal treatment is to eradicate any existing root canal infections. This time consuming procedure is a skill requiring process which involves cleaning and filling the root of the tooth. For the complete procedure most Liverpool dentist will call you in for more than two dental visits.

In this process the Liverpool dentist will first remove any pulp that is infected. Also he will ensure that abscesses are drained out completely if it has accumulated. Further more the root is prepared for the last procedure which involves filling it. For this it is first cleaned and then shaped. Initially the tooth is left to settle in place while the root is filled in temporarily. Afterwards the infection and the tooth are monitored and once your Liverpool dentist is assured everything is fine, he will fill in the tooth permanently.

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