In dentistry the branch that deals with tooth alignment and straightening is known as orthodontics. Several Liverpool dentists specialize in this field which usually means making the patient wear retainers or braces. Braces are adjustment wires which push the teeth gently over a period of constant wearing to a certain degree until they appear aligned and straightened. Braces are basically comprised of plastic moulds or very small metallic plates which are joined with springs and wires and are fixed to teeth by tightening them till they fit securely. If braces are worn while teeth are still in their growth process such as those of children, then results are much quicker and visible while in adults, braces take much longer to complete the alignment process.

After scrutinizing the teeth and assessing how much of alignment is required the Liverpool orthodontist will decide whether removable or fixed braces are required. Removable braces can be detached when ever you need to eat or to clean them and are worn throughout other periods to achieve maximum results. Fixed braces on the other hand are long term and cannot be removed except when the teeth are straightened to the desired shape and the treatment is complete.

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Invisalign Liverpool Orthodontics

Another alternative to braces incase you want near to invisible teeth aligners are invisalign which are offered by a couple of cosmetic dentists in Liverpool. These are meant to align your teeth gradually over a time frame using custom cast aligners that are almost transparent and hard to notice. The best feature of invisalign is that they are removable at times you want to eat or clean them and are hardly noticeable. These aligners are replaced after every 14 days by new ones. Another treatment other than these is used to align teeth using lingual braces. These braces are fixed to the inside of your teeth rather than the regular outside attachment found with other braces techniques. Your Liverpool dentist can give you the best consultation after booking with him as to which aligners will suit your routine the best. You may be given a free consultation by certain invisalign orthodontics in Liverpool.

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