If you want a permanent solution then getting dentures or crowns and are penetrated into the jaw bone line. For a full dental row you can have the entire dental construction implanted along the entire jaw. So for minimum damage to any adjacent tooth along a dental construction, surgical implants offer an ideal restoration procedure.

The procedure

Prior to getting any dental insertions surgically constructed, you need to assure that the Liverpool dentist has the pertinent experience, expertise and credential in such a surgery.
Usually dental implants are conducted under an IV sedation and local anesthesia but in certain cases general sedation techniques are also utilized.

The implant procedure follows by drilling a small hole into the jaw bone where the implants need to be adjusted and this is done by lifting the gum from this area. The lifted gum is stitched back once the titanium dental implant has been put into its place and fitted securely. If in any case the jaw bone has insufficient margin to accommodate the implant then either a smaller implant is chosen or a bone graft is placed as chosen by your Liverpool dentist.

It takes approximately 6 months for the implant to merge with the jawbone and to integrate with it. Meanwhile the Liverpool dentist will give the patient a temporary denture to wear while the integration takes place. The next step would be to lift the gum after 6 months have passed and a temporary crown is fitted in with a post placed into the implant. After another 4-5 weeks the final step involves installing the permanent dental restoration once the adjoining gum tissue has healed and developed.

Dental implants are a permanent long lasting teeth restoration treatment that has a life of around 20 years.

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