Floss is used to clean tooth area and gum regions where the toothbrush cannot clean properly. It can clean in between teeth gaps and also near the gum line. Your Liverpool dentist can instruct you how to properly floss your teeth and gums.
Following the instructions given below which are recommended by dentists in Liverpool can guide you a great deal:

  * After breaking 18 inches of floss, wind each of its ends on the middle fingers of each hand. As you keep using a section of the floss wrap that part of it around these fingers.

* Keep an inch of floss between your forefingers and thumb holding it tight without any slack in it and guide the floss between your teeth. While making sure you don’t jerk the floss into your gums causing them to bleed move the floss in a rocking motion between each of the two teeth.

* Once the floss is in between the two teeth and just touches the gum line, then curve the floss to a C shaped until it is tight enough

  • While holding the floss string against your teeth, rub it against the side of it away from the gum area. Repeat this process on the other side of the adjacent tooth and so on.
  • The back side of your tooth at the end of your jaw should not be ignored
  • If you stick to a particular pattern in your everyday flossing routine, your flossing technique can   prove quite effective. it is suggested that you start from the top and work your way left to right .repeat this movement at the bottom as well. repetition of this everyday will make sure you don’t miss any teeth

If you have any implants, crowns or bridges then it is important that you pay special attention to their dental care. Special flosses such as floss threaders and super floss are specifically meant to be used on crowns and bridges as ordinary flosses cannot give proper cleaning performance to them. Your Liverpool dentist can instruct you with his professional experience which floss to use and which technique to adopt in using it.

When you floss for the first time your gums may feel sore or even bleed a little for the first couple of days. Once the bacteria and the plaque is removed by the floss this will smooth down. Incase the bleeding or swelling persists, consult the Liverpool dentist. The chances in this case are that the flossing technique you are using might be incorrect or you may even need a cleaning treatment by your Liverpool dentist.

For convenient flossing and easier grip on the floss you can choose to use an aid for inter-dental cleaning or a floss holder. Interdental cleaning aids are available in the form of wood sticks or brushes which can help you eradicate any tooth plaque. Your Liverpool dentist can guide you on their proper usage.

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