Your children’s teeth can be given extra protection from any chances of decay by using sealants. Your Liverpool dentist will apply a plastic material coating to the back teeth on the tooth surface that is used for biting. This plastic shield helps to keep the teeth intact from decay is it covers the grooves in these back teeth from contacting any food substances.

Only premolars and molars are applied with a sealant. Molars and premolars have deep pits in their structure and are more prone to catch food substance. Your Liverpool dentist can examine which teeth have deep enough fissures in them making it necessary to apply sealants on them. In certain cases the grooves aren’t deep enough and sealants are not required while in some these fissures are naturally deep requiring sealant application.

Applying sealants takes only a short while for each tooth and is a simple and fast procedure. The dentist cleans the tooth that needs a sealant thoroughly and applies the solution and then dries it. Then with the help of ultraviolet light the dentist dries the sealant after applying it until it becomes hard. This procedure is painless and no difference in teeth can be felt once it is completed.

Sealants have a durable life but your Liverpool dentist will still advise you to pay regular visits to ensure the sealant is still in place .in certain cases the sealant may have to be refreshed or reapplied to minimize bacteria production under their surface as there are chances that these may wear out with the passage of years.

One the permanent teeth begin to grow which happens at the age of 6 or 7 years, the sealant can be applied right away.

Your Liverpool dentist can answer your queries and give you more details about sealant application and whether your child’s teeth need sealants for protection or not.

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