Most people keenly brush their teeth for dental health. The correct brushing technique that can remove maximum amount of debris can be suggested by your Liverpool dentist. Brushing is basically practiced and recommended to eradicate plaque traces on our teeth that accumulate over time unless teeth are brushed regularly tooth enamel is broken down and cavities are formed by an acid produced by this plaque bacteria and foul breath is caused by compounds of volatile sulphur released by it. Your Liverpool dentist can equip you with the right professional dental care products for long and short term benefits associated with dental care.

For proper brushing all areas of the mouth need to be thoroughly cleaned and too much pressure must not be applied on gums otherwise it may cause damage to them. Liverpool dentists advise brushing your teeth after every meal and if not possible then at least twice a day. Teeth should be brushed once early morning before breakfast and once before going to bed.

An electric tooth brush can be easily procured form your dentist in Liverpool. It is important that the instructions for using the toothbrush are properly read prior to its first use. An electric tooth brush gives optimum performance in terms of tooth cleaning. Most electric tooth brushes are different from the others so despite having used one first you should still continue to read the manual before using it. An electric tooth brush makes the task of brushing your teeth much easier as it does most part of the tooth brushing job. Your effort is minimized as its motions clean the teeth region thoroughly in the proper circular motions that a dentist recommends. The motorized bristles do the cleaning while you gradually and softly move the brush in your mouth to the areas you need to get cleaned.

Teeth enamel can be damaged and gingivitis can be caused if you brush your teeth with more than required applied pressure or prolong your brushing in one go. This can damage the gums as well. An electric tooth brush uses a built in sensor and timer which maintains the pressure and brushing time required. Electrical brushes such as Sonicare, Oral-B or Braun allow a particular level of brushing pressure and methods for effective cleaning.

For ideal brushing accuracy hold your toothbrush like you would hold a pen. If you hold it with the fist tightly there are chances that you may apply more than required pressure. For perfect holding grip it is suggested that you read the manual as every electric toothbrush has a different shape and handle.

The region where the gum and teeth join together is the region you should focus most on. if you gently brush your teeth in a  to and from motion at this focused area then the chances of eradicating plaque deposits are the greatest as plaque accumulates mostly near this region.
Every part of your teeth needs to be cleaned which means cleaning the tooth surface and between the teeth is part of the procedure. Moreover you must ensure that you brush the back and front of every tooth and also between the gaps of each adjacent tooth.

Every tooth must be thoroughly cleaned and it should be a part of your everyday brushing routine for good dental health. If you want to ensure that your mouth is brushed at every corner carefully then this job is made easier by the Sonicare “Quadpacer” which divides the mouth into four sections to make you brush every section separately.

For your child to maintain healthy teeth throughout its life, it is important that the child develops the habit of brushing teeth from an early age. Your Liverpool dentist can give you proper and professional instructions on how to brush children’s teeth. As soon as the baby grows teeth in its mouth dentists suggest you start brushing them. Use a small quantity of baby fluoride toothpaste and a small baby toothbrush. An electrical toothbrush is not meant for such a small age and so the manual control can be maintained using a toothbrush for babies such as those found in the Oral–B category of toothbrushes. Your Liverpool dentist can give you more in-depth explanations regarding children’s teeth brushing routines and techniques.

For children under the age of 7 years will need adult help to brush teeth completely as they might ask the intelligence to brush thoroughly at every part of the mouth. The best technique commonly adopted by parents is to hold the brush with the child’s hand and their own while standing at their back and guiding them how to position and move it over each tooth surface. This technique can teach them fast how to properly brush their teeth.

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