Crowns and caps are ideally suited for restoring damaged teeth or broken fragments of teeth. These cover the treated tooth like a shell/glove. Dental crowns are meant for various purposes which include improving the appearance of teeth, strengthening or rebuilding them. The best part is that your Liverpool dentist can get you a metal of your choice such as silver/gold or a material like ceramic or porcelain as a crown for your tooth.

If you want a cosmetic makeover for your teeth then crowns should not be the only solution for you as the procedure involves grinding away a considerable tooth portion.

Before you finalize what you want to choose as a restorative treatment for your teeth it is always recommended that you consult your Liverpool dentist for the best solution for your teeth.

As opposed to crowns which are normally chosen when the base tooth is weaker in strength and support, veneers have strength closer to the natural tooth and so are a recommended as less intrusive options.

The procedure

To begin with the crowning procedure, your Liverpool dentist will shape your tooth for the crown to fit on it precisely. He will use a local anesthesia to remove decays from the base tooth and grind it until it tapers at an angle for easy slipping of the crown on to it.

The dentist will use dental putty which is a material used to take the impression of the tooth. Once the putty is set, this mould is used by the Liverpool dental laboratory as a standard to construct the perfect crown size for your tooth.

Through CEREC technology your Liverpool dentist can fit a porcelain crown as a temporary replacement within one hour. Within approximately 3 weeks the crown that will fit permanently on your tooth and its procedure will be completed.

Once the new crown has been fabricated the dentist will assess its fitting, color and cosmetic appearance by removing the temporary crown. A crown made of good quality has an estimated life of 10-15 years.

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