Generally it takes more than a single visit to your Liverpool dentist to get your dental restoration done. The first stage primarily involves having the anesthesia, preparing the teeth for the restoration which may mean grinding it, getting the impression taken so that a mould can be prepared and the insertion of a temporary restoration alternative tooth till the final tooth is ready. the next visit begins the same manner with the anesthesia applied, the temporary tooth being removed while the new and permanent tooth is inspected for its fitting, size, shape and shade whether it suits you or not. However a new technology which is one of its kinds by Sirona Dental Systems called CEREC offers you the permanent restoration fitted in the same visit and the fabrication of the ceramic tooth within the same hour of your first visit to your Liverpool dentist thus saving you the long hassle and procedures. With CEREC technology your Liverpool dentist can send you home with a happy smile on your face and a permanent restoration all ceramic tooth crown or veneer within one single visit! In other words it offers a hassle free, less painful and time consuming permanent restoration to you to save you loads of trouble.
Using CEREC technology for such a treatment means following the tooth preparation procedure the same was as before while eliminating the tooth impression recording and time consuming fabrication procedures and replacing it with a photographic impression record. This image is then used by 3D based CEREC software which modifies the computerized model image. This image is then used to build a restoration from ceramic block and is completed within 30 minutes from the time it is sent to an onsite milling machine. This entire procedure is carried out in once visit and you are set to go with your new restoration

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