Plaque is the primary source of tooth decay. Whenever we eat a meal and don’t brush our teeth it accumulates between the gums and teeth and eats up the left over debris. This causes the tooth and gums to decay causing numerous dental problems

Tooth enamel is directly attacked by the plaque bacteria generated in our mouth which constantly produces a decaying acid after we eat sugar and starched based foods. This acid stays on the teeth because of the stickiness provided by the plaque until we brush it out. This can cause the tooth enamel to break down or produce a hole in it due to the decaying effect if it is not treated and dental hygiene is not maintained.

When plaque hardens over a period of time it converts into calculus which is also known as tartar. This tartar or calculus accumulates at the rim of the gum and poisonous enzymes are built by plaque underneath the tartar surface which causes the gum to swell. Teeth and gums loose grip on each other and gaps are created between them where the infection then builds up. Tooth loss is a result of this decaying procedure if the gum treatment isn’t carried out on time because this decaying causes the tooth bone to lose its grip on the teeth. Dentures, implants and bridges become necessary in adults due to this gum disease which makes people lose their teeth.

If you want your gums to stay healthy and minimize chances of gum disease then it becomes necessary to brush your teeth after every meal to eliminate accumulated plaque from your teeth and gums. If you don’t take care of your teeth and let the plaque build into tartar then you will need the consultation and treatment of your Liverpool dentist to remove it completely. For thorough maintenance and cleaning of your teeth it is important that you frequently visit your Liverpool dentist to have your teeth treated cleaned.

The best brush that would suit your gum and teeth texture can be recommended by your Liverpool dentist. However it is generally suggested that adults use tooth brushes with soft or medium bristles that are made of nylon with rounded ends and filaments .the head of the tooth brush should be small or medium sized so that it can reach all parts of the teeth and mouth for proper brushing. For children it is suggested that same type of nylon soft filaments are used to prevent gum damage but proper cleaning is ensured .their brushes should be small according to their age so that it can reach the back areas of the mouth where it is difficult to clean.

Incase the tooth brush filaments appear worn out, you should change your tooth brush immediately to avoid gum damage. Dentists recommend that a tooth brush should be changed every 2 or 3 months so that they can clean teeth properly as worn out brushes cannot perform their cleaning function properly. Proper brushing helps remove plaques from areas such as back of teeth, front of teeth, gums, tooth edges and tongue.

One of the Plaque removal methods which are suggested by Liverpool dentists is:

* To properly clean each tooth position the toothbrush on your teeth and parallel to the gum line and rotate it in small circular motions against each tooth

* Angle the toothbrush bristles positioned against the gum edge and brush every part of each tooth which includes the front, upper, lower, and biting edges.

* Repeat this brushing technique for the inner area of ever tooth

* Brush the area of your tooth used for chewing food thoroughly

* Hold the tooth brush in a vertical direction and making small circularmotions with it brush the inside surface of the upper and lower front teeth with the toe of the tooth brush.

* Bacteria have to be removed from the tongue by brushing it as well along the teeth. This will give a   fresh breath and cleaner mouth.

Teeth should be brushed at least two times a day if not after every meal with fluoride toothpaste. If in any case your gums or teeth tend to irritate you or bleed during brushing then you must consult your Liverpool dentist about it

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