A dental bridge unlike a crown has a hollow interior and is joined to the adjacent teeth to replace an existing gap between the teeth. This false tooth forms a kind of bridge between them.

Your Liverpool dentist will grind a trivial portion of the adjacent while you are locally anesthetized teeth to make room for the new bridge. Then using dental putty the Liverpool dentist will fabricate a mould of your teeth which will then be used by the Liverpool dental laboratory to construct a hollow crown that will serve as the bridge.
Meanwhile the crown is being made in the lab; a temporary replacing bridge will be fitted in to give you an easy start.

The second step involves replacing the temporary bridge with the permanent one and testing its color, bite strength and fitting. After the Liverpool dentist is contented with its replacement he will then fix the bridge permanently by cementing it with its adjacent teeth on each side. Although high quality bridges have an estimated life of 10 years if properly maintained, they are not the only option you have. If you want a more intrusive and long lasting procedure then dental implants are the solution whereas less permanent options are dentures.

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