To avoid surgical face-lifts, Botox and also restylane which is a type of dermal filler are now being commonly used by several Liverpool cosmetic dentists to reconstruct facial appearances as alternative procedures.
Dermal fillers are meant for a variety of cosmetic rejuvenations such as facial scars, smokers lines surrounding the lips, laugh lines and cheek outline and contour depressions. Moreover dermal fillers are also used to give perfect pout lips and shape to them usually seen as only a model’s beautifying feature. On the other hand Botox is ideally brought into use for eradicating and uplifting forehead lines and Crows feet around the eyes.

Wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement are directly treated through Botox which is a very safe to use bacterial toxin. These facial muscles are injected with Botox in very small quantities which relax these wrinkle producing muscles which as a result smoothes down the wrinkle concentrated area. Since Botox is broken down into its constituents by our body, this Botox treatment has to be repeated after a few months every time to maintain the wrinkle eliminating effects. This Botox treatment takes roughly 10 minutes and is a painless process.

A degradable hyaluronic acid which is used as a clear gel is the base of restylane kind of dermal fillers. When this is injected into the treated area, it gives volume to the skin, eliminating prominent wrinkles, giving lip fullness and making the skin look young and fresh. As dermal fillers are similar to Botox in their break up once they are inserted into the body, their treatment has to be repeated over a few months.

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